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Today – Thursday 5th February – is National Voter Registration Day.

There are just 90 days to go until the 2015 General Election on the 7th May. What are you waiting for? Go and register to vote right now – the process is painless and takes under 3 minutes. You have until 20th April to register to vote.

Don’t accept the status quo and fail to vote for the party you believe in this May. Utilise your political capital to actually make the changes in the country that you live in. If you don’t, your voice won’t be heard; elected government figures don’t care about people who don’t vote and why should they? Shape the future of the country you call home.

There is so much vitriol surrounding the ‘young vote’ in the media, from the a recent article in the Telegraph to politicians discussing the generational gap and political inertia in the younger generations. You’re not expected to vote. You’re meant to only be interested in the X-Factor or the latest football results. Prove everyone else wrong; grab your National Insurance card and Register to Vote. Find out what the Green Party thinks the answer to the UK’s energy future is. Find out what the Conservatives think they can do with another term at Downing Street.

For those of you that are students, you can register in your hometown and also the place in the UK you study at. An example – you live in Cornwall but go to university in Bristol, you can register at both places but you can choose where you vote.

For those of you uninitiated in politics – visit Vote for Policies. Through this impartial comparison, you can choose areas in current political discourse, such as Healthcare or Education, and make a choice on which policy you think is best. At the end of the survey you can see which party would be best for you, based on the ideas you agreed with. Bias is removed and the process is as painless as Registering to Vote.

For those of you who are voting for the first time; do all of the above and start the conversation with friends at college, friends at university, family when you visit home. Get talking about the issues that you are passionate about. Disagree. Have an informed debate. You’ll grow so much as a person if you do. Do that and be ready for 7th May.

BiteTheBallot – an organisation set up to get more young people involved in voting and politics – is a great resource to cut your teeth on; use it to find out more about how you can vote and also empower those around you.

Raise your voice today, register to vote.

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