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With Jeb Bush’s all-but-announcement of his intention to run for the Republican ticket in 2016 on Monday, staffers at the Clinton campaign seem to be becoming increasingly restless; will Clinton risk more than she can afford if the announcement of her candidacy is delayed much longer?

Politico recently broke the news that, due to the lack of another prominent front-runner, Clinton was considering delaying her official announcement to run until the summer months. Surely, in waiting this long, her campaign would risk voter-alienation and dissidence in the ranks of wealthy donors, waiting in the wings to contribute to the already impressive Clinton 2016 war-chest.

News that Hillary Clinton had privately sought financial policy advice from the diplomatic stalwart, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in a secret meeting in December 2014, has further added fuel to the fire that an announcement is now imminent. Clinton is thought to be finalising her campaign message and strengthening her stances on popular issues, such as the power of Wall Street vs. Main Street. Or, alternatively, could Clinton be attempting to secure Warren as a potential Vice President running mate for the upcoming election?

Then comes the question of ethicality, even if asked by the infamously conservative FOX News; are the recent increases in overseas donations to the Clinton Foundation to be used to supplement Clinton’s domestic fundraising volume to give her enough firepower to outspend any other nominee in the race to win the Democratic ticket? The news also included the identification of donations to the Foundation from a Canadian agency with a vested interest in the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline. Is Clinton set to distance herself from Obama and his Administration’s strong stance on vetoing the final plan for the controversial tar sands oil pipeline?

Clinton has a lot to answer for. The public, her dedicated supporters, campaign staff and also – some might say most importantly – her vastly wealthy donor base, may quickly tire of supporting a Clinton 2016 campaign if she continues to stay off the radar and also her continued evasion of campaign-related questions on policy and if she is actually to run?

Karl Rove, the infamous former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser to the Bush Administration, waded into the debate in an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show on Monday night – as reported in the Huffington Post – in stating that nothing is for certain and that Warren could steal limelight away from Clinton and plan a worthy campaign to fight for the Democratic Presidential nomination, especially if Clinton is seen to avoid announcing any time soon. Conversely, former Campaign Manager and Senior Strategist for the Obama 2004 and 2008 campaigns, David Axelrod, was more reserved in a recent interview on the same show. Axelrod expressed doubt that Elizabeth Warren could beat the Clinton 2016 campaign but would at least add pressure to the former Secretary of State to announce and begin to move the campaign forward.

With such a high-stakes game as the US Presidential nomination and campaign, Clinton may need to reassess waiting it out and refusing to confirm or deny her candidacy; she has an awful lot to lose if a wrong move is made.

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