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The disgraced former Labour leader and Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been in the news several times over the last few weeks, due to his comments on the Labour Leadership race. Don’t take a trip down the rabbit hole and follow ‘Alice in Wonderland politics’ urged Blair last week.

Since when has Blair been the best judge of character? Does he, himself, have a golden track record? When Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General, in 2004 deemed the US/UK invasion of Iraq as “wholly unlawful”, you can’t help but think, could Tony Blair’s actions be punishable in a court of law? With the delay of the Chilcot Enquiry reportedly due to ‘vested interests from the establishment’, Blair’s credibility is far from in the process of being redeemed. With this in mind, why does he think that – all of a sudden – that his opinion is at all relevant or desired?

The Labour leadership race is in its final throes; the ballots have been sent out and thousands of newly minted supporters have already been purged from the voting process (#labourpurge). The new Leader and Deputy Leader will be announced at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on the 12th September 2015.

The delivery of the Chilcot Inquiry, according to popular media, has been delayed until Summer 2016 apparently due to the low standard of writing. Shortly after this story broke, the news that lawyers representing some of the families of soldiers who died in combat during the Iraq War came. The Chilcot Inquiry panel was given an ultimatum to set a release date for the report’s publication or face legal action. Chilcot’s personal reply to said request is decidedly wooly and gives no new information on the report’s progress or publication – read it here.

So what of Tony Blair? In the newly minted age of Jeremy Corbyn and a potentially much more progressive Labour Party, should Corbyn be elected Leader of the Opposition on the 12th September, Blair seems to be a terrible, terrible blast from the past. A flower that has had it’s time in the sun but has since wilted and died, if you will.

I rarely use this platform to make public what is personal, but to Tony Blair, I say this; fade from the limelight. You’ve had your 15 minutes. With the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry – if and whenever that may be – the media, your country and fellow colleagues will duly skew you. Instead of criticising what will become your party’s future, look to your past. Only then will you realise that your thoughts on a party you once led are now totally pointless and undesired.

Ben (Editor)


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