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In an age of fast news, GSP seeks to present a comprehensive review of the underlying history, issues and challenges faced, leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions about world events, in a slow and measured manner.

Geo/Socio/Politico was created in 2015 by Ben Hansen-Hicks to offer comprehensive and in-depth analysis of issues in the current news-cycle.

90% of our output will be 500-600 word articles, with the remaining 10% being ‘Long Reads’, such as the recent, ‘My Country, My Country!‘ in which Donald Trump’s aim to reclaim the United States is explored, with North American and Native histories explained.

Contributors include Professor John Dearing, a well-respected complex socioecological systems researcher, Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton and Hove and Greg Cooper, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton. Martha Stokes, a Cambridge graduate, joined in mid-2015 and our most recent addition, our North American correspondent Cosimo Montagu, followed in mid-2016.

Topics already discussed are wide-ranging and vary from net neutrality to fracking, climate change refugees to Keystone XL.

Thank you for your interest in Geo/Socio/Politico.

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Please note that the Editorial team does not accept unsolicited requests or contributions; Geo/Socio/Politico will reach out to future writers.

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