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In an age of fast news, GSP seeks to present a comprehensive review of the underlying history, issues and challenges faced, leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions about world events, in a slow and measured manner.

Geo/Socio/Politico was created in 2015 by Ben Hansen-Hicks in order to offer a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of current issues in the news-cycle.

75% of our output will be 500-600 word articles, with the remaining 25% being ‘Long Reads’, such as the recent, ‘Scandinavia, Trump and a creeping Russia‘ in which Russian influence and interference in Scandinavia and the Baltics through highly-specialised cyberwarfare is detailed and understood.

Contributors include Professor John Dearing, a well-respected complex socioecological systems researcher, Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton and Hove and Greg Cooper, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton. Martha Stokes, a Cambridge graduate, joined in mid-2015 and our most recent addition, our North American correspondent Cosimo Montagu, followed in mid-2016.

Topics already discussed are wide-ranging and vary from net neutrality to cyberwarfare, climate change refugees to Keystone XL.

Thank you for your interest in Geo/Socio/Politico.

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Please note that the Editorial team does not accept unsolicited requests or contributions; Geo/Socio/Politico will reach out to future writers.

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